[concours] re:Pinstripes and such


Further to your pinstripe complaint, I was judging at the
Biennial Concours in Vermont this year, and the Chief
Judge for that show, Gary Hagopian, instructed that NO
Jaguar ever came from the factory with pinstripes. They
were all dealer applied, and points should be deducted
accordingly. We were showing our 1988 XJ-12, which
of course did have the double gold pinstripes, so it
took some heavy-duty convincing on my part to get
the judges of class C12 to accept my claim that what
may be stock for the US market, may not be stock for
other markets, our car in particular, and the stock
pepper pot wheels, pinstripes, 7" outside lights, and
headlamp wipers included. Unfortunately I did not bring
my copy of Thorley’s book, but I did send copies of the
important pages to Gary after the concours for his
future reference. I did have the owners manual, which
clearly shows the pepper pot wheels, the fact that
the V12 was correct, and not from Europe. :slight_smile:

As for the extra options that you have added to your car,
the judging manual is quite specific for which options
you may add to your car…they must be options available
from Jaguar for the year and car on which they appear.
Proof must be in the form of offical documentation from
Jaguar. If you have the parts book wich does list the
options you have included on your car, I would accept them.

Cheers, Mark R.

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1988 VDP - SIII V12 email: @Mark_Roberts
1963 3.8L E-Type Coupe - 17 years into a 3 year project

For Mark Roberts: the judge who told you that NO Jaguar came from Coventry
with pinstripes was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. All Series III cars had factory
applied stripes, single for the xj6 to 82, double after, and double always
for the xj12. It is correct that Series I cars and, I believe Series II
cars did NOT have factory applied stipes. Would a glance at the 1980British
catalogue showing a white and biscuit xj6, in fact two the same colour,
one with headlamps wipers, the other not, convince him? Both these cars
are picture with a single black stripe. Dealer applied options are not
normally pictured in catalogues for obvious reasons. The Canadian 1980
catalogue sheet (one large page, gorgeous photo of a white xj6 at the edge of t
he ocean surf) also shows one single stripe, the colour not clearly seen as it
is a dusk shot. The American 1983 catalogue clearly shows the xj6 with
a double gold stripe, the VDP with a more subtle double stripe, etc. etc.
Judges cannot be expected to know everything about every model,
but definitive statements when clearly wrong, are very annoying. Thanks for
your comments, Mark. But Series III cars ALWAYS had a pinstripe (except
PERHAPS the British market “fleet” model; I am not sure if this was one of
the items deleted in order to differentiate this model).

                                    Gregory Andrachuk
                                    Victoria, Canada