[concours] Re: Preservation Class

Preservation Class Proposal
For owners who want to enter into competition, this proposal would
encourage owners to preserve the original components in their Jaguars.
Cars would be shown in class along with similar cars. It provides a
bonus point system to encourage the preservation of original components;
not necessarily a completely original car.

The goal of this proposal is to encourage entrants to retain original
components for our future learning. If we restore all of our Jaguars to
authentic condition, we will soon find that we have nothing to measure
authenticity against.

Entrants are to apply for Preservation Points for the interior, exterior
or boot. The engine is not included in this proposal as it has
expendable components, i.e. hoses, batteries, etc. For each year over 20
years old the entrant may be awarded a point value per year per
component. Jaguars would be judged in standard JCNA classes and
standard judging deductions would then apply.

Where You Can Help
Determining this Preservation Bonus Point value is where I need
everyones help. We want to award some value for having 30 year old
leather seats, boot and or paint but we do not want to create 100+ point
cars. If you have a car that would qualify for such Preservation Bonus
Points, please look at five years worth of old scores heets and
determine the average deductions taken for “Fading/Discolored/Worn”.

With a Bonus Point of 0.05 per year times 20 years, a 20 year old car
would be awarded the gross bonus points of 1.0 for an original interior.
If the car also had an original boot interior an additional gross 1.0
bonus points would be awarded for the boot. If such a car was completely
original the most a 20 year old car would receive would be 3.0 gross
points or 0.3 on final score.

If the entrant has a Jaguar that had been repainted but has an original
interior, the following bonus points would be awarded for the interior

Flat Points Awarded
Another way to approach this is to just award a flat 0.10 per area for
any car 20 years old or older with no further adjustment for age. That
way the most a car would receive is 0.3 bonus points or 0.003 on final

We also need to determine how to handle cars that may have original
paint, yet may have had a fender bender and had one area repainted.

Steve Kennedy
Newsletter Editor
Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club
303-456-5018 H