[concours] Re: Wax overspray


Could this have been added after deliver by the dealer ? I
ask, as
our 1988 XJ-12 does not have any under-coating/anti-rust
on it in the engine compartment, and it is lock-stock

Build date is December 1987, if that is any help.

If you want to take if off on your car, go ahead. You can
use our car
as a reference for no-wax for concours purposes. I can send
the serial number
if you wish.

Cheers, Mark R.

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From: “Dr Gregory Andrachuk” mgb@UVVM.UVIC.CA
Subject: [concours] wax overspray

A question needing an authoritative answer. My 1988 Series 3 xj12 has a fair
amount of factory wax-injection overspray in the engine compartment, on the
bonnet underside, etc. I know that in non-Jaguar concours events this sort
of factory “splash” is considered not only normal, but desirable and often,
necessary. If you don’t have it, you lose points.

This stuff is very dificult to remove. Can anyone tell me what the JCNA
position is on this? (if there is a position?). I can find nothing on this
in the Rulebook.