[concours] Re: [xj] Down with pinstripes


I need the correct pinstripe colour for a Regency Red 1976 XJ6L SII if
anyone has the exact info readily available. This is the single stripe.

FWIW: after having my '81 XJ6 resprayed, I replaced the (single) pinstripe.
It’s available in a roll as a Jaguar part - though I suspect you can buy the
cheaper at any car accessory shop. The dual pinstripe is also available, (or
at least, there’s a part number) at a higher price, and no doubt not from
accessory shops.

The current issue of either Jaguar Enthusiast or Jaguar World (I get both,
and>I can’t remember which - I guess Enthusiast (the JEC club magazine)) has an
article on applying the pinstripe for the perfectionist.

Paul Gover.


William “Chip” Lamb
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The correct pinstripe for the Series II xj sedan is a single gold line…
Advertisements for the Series II (North American specification) show
a blackline on the coupe, and gold on others, and it extends only the
length of the swage line, not beyond! On the Series II, the stripe was placed j
ust BELOW the crease, while on the Series III it was above.

                                         Gregory Andrachuk
                                         Victoria, Canada