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For Mark: actually, Mark, I have in my possession numerous original
advertisements for Series I and II and III xj sedans. The Series I had
no pinstripes. The Series II cars are all shown with a single gold stripe, and
the xjc with a single black stripe.


Well done Gregory. I knew there would be someone out there who had some
brochures. Now I get to learn what was really available. Thanks very
much for sharing the information. This debate has been going on for
a few years already, so now we have the real information.

                      .....snip......                   Now, my

feeling after reading the rules, is that the cars can be equipped with
any optional equipment, OFFERED IN THE YEAR OF MANUFACTURE. There is no
statement that I remember obliging a concours entrant to have only
the equipment the car was delivered with! That would make for pretty dull
viewing in the xj classes since all North American cars were delivered
without any possibility of options whatever! (In the catalogues under
OPTIONS: “NONE”). It is certainly legitimate to require options restricted
to the model year, but to point of delivery???

                                 Gregory Andrachuk

Good point, and I like your argument. I’m going to have to think about
it for a while to see how it applies to other models before I’ll accept
it for all cases. Dick, it would be good to have your input here as
a more “official” view on which options are acceptable for a particular

Cheers, Mark R.

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