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Dennis: two types of plates were used on the S3. The early plates to 1985
are anodised aluminium and cannot be restored (but new ones are being made,
I have been told. They were unavailable for a long time). The 1986 to 1992
plates are highly polished stainless steel and yes, they can be restored to
new condition professionally or you can do a very creditable job yourself
with LOTS of elbow grease and metal polish. The marque plates for the centre
are available from Jaguar if yours are too far gone.
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“Dennis Conway” CONWAYD@state.mi.us

Does anyone know if the sill (door) plates of a SIII can be polished to
remove scratches? The plate appear to be stainless steel or highly polished
aluminum. Would be interested in methods used etc.

Also would like to take an informal poll of suggested priority of

I have a 1987 SIII XJ US. that has 50K original miles. While the coachwork
has some warts (PO, little old lady, used car in salt laden Michigan
winters), I’m not at a point where I want to take the car off the road. Car
runs so well, except rough idle, al

That said I am considering 1) changing to 7 inch headlamps, 2) installing
boot mounted cd changer (wife’s idea), 3) cleaning out front cat ( have
already eliminated the rear cat), 4) installing Luminition ignition system
in hopes of eliminating stray ele

Interested in what order of projects long term owners might suggest.



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