[concours] Re: [xk] XK-150 Windscreen Washers and Body ID Plate

My car is still at the shop but from memory this is the setup. A small vac
hose goes from the fitting you mentioned to the valve on the dash, from
there a pipe goes to the centre fitting on the top of the bottle. Another
pipe goes from the outer fitting on the bottle back to the washer jets. The
vacuum draws the diaphragm upwards and thus draws water into the bottom
section of the chamber. When you release the valve (button on the dash) the
diaphragm returns to its neutral position and via a one way valve, the
displaced water is routed to the jets.

On the body number plate I had a look at a few other cars and they all had
the plate painted body colour. I removed mine as there was a bit of pitting
under the plate and each end had damage from some over enthusiastic disk
sander operator. I repaired the plate and pop riveted it back in place
before the final coat of paint. BTW, my plate was brass. Good luck.

Len Brighton
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