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Any comment on this from our concours experts? I would think this would be
a glaring omission if the tool is required.-----Original Message-----
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I doubt that wire wheel cars came with a “Wheel Brace” (Lug nut
wrench)… My '73 XJ-6 (that I wish I stil had) came with a factory tool
kit… I noticed a couple of “empty” spaces in the kit… I found out that
one of the spaces was a special “key/wrench” that allowed the sunroof to be
opened manually, I guess in case of an electrical failure… since my XJ-6
was not equipped with a sunroof, the “Key/Wrench” was not supplied with the
tool kit… Anything to save a buck, I guess…
Charles #677556
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From: Pat Harmon

Any idea about the brace being equipped with wire

wheel cars?