[concours] Rear hatch question

First of all, thanks to all who responded to my Licensed Judges question.

My question on the rear hatch: Before the car went in for repainting the
moon shaped piece of vinyl trim above the rear hatch window was trimmed and
glued directly to the inside surface of the hatch and tucked under the
window gasket. I have been told that the vinyl trim was actually mounted on
a piece of cardboard and attached in a manner similar to the vinyl trim
under the window. If that is true I should, but do not, have mounting holes
for the spring clips above the rear window. Car is a 1969 E-type 2+2

Tonight’s job is to retrim the rear hatch,. Which is correct: vinyl glued
directly to the hatch or attached to a cardboard backer which is then
attached to the inside of the hatch?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, John Walker