[concours] Series II Chassis Number Split

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am the owner of a 1976 XJ12L with a chassis number of 2R56271. I have run
into the question of the split in this year when ordering parts and
considering my limited knowledge, an confused. Some vendors state that
there is a split by the month, stating “up to June 1976” as one split and
“July 1976 to September 1986” for the second split. My questions are:

  1. Is my presumption right that they are referring to the Series II as a
    group and not the model year in general?

  2. And can anyone tell me, just what is this split all about? As I stated,
    I have had this question before on ordering parts.

  3. Is there some net reference place where I can read or obtain information
    about this split?

Thanking the Consours List Members in Advance.

J. Rick Smith_________________________________________________________
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