[concours] Side markers and series II originality stuff

I just read the stuff on side markers and thought i would put in a thought. I
have heard that the body on the side markers was the same as XJ saloon series I
and just the rubber gasket between body and side light were different. The job
of the thicker gasket on the E-type was to compensate for the different down
view of the front fender; the e-type having more taper than the XJ. Regulations
probably called for the light to face 90 degrees to the center of the car. I’ll
ask a friend who tends to know this stuff a little too well and write again.

The oil filter can on E-types after at least Ser 11/2 are a mint green
hammertone. you can buy it in a spray can in the color - last seen at Home Depot
of Chief auto if I remember correctly.