[concours] St Louis concours

Gregory’s car is very good, but not perfect - yet. I saw smidges of stuff
in his engine compartment, which I presume is most of what he was docked
for. I’m guessing that those will be gone by the next show. However, the
concours gods can be fickle. Sometimes they smile unaccountably and
sometimes they frown unaccountably. Gregory’s got no “spare” shows to
recover from a bad score so you could just slip in and snatch the mug. Even
if he prevails, it’s no shame to be beaten by that car. Good luck and we’ll
be expecting a full report.
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40------------------------
John Testrake wrote:

The St. Louis JCNA concours is this weekend. The show is on Saturday, 5 Aug.
I will have the 84 ser III there trying in vain to best Gregory’s scores in
a bumper to bumper run against his perfect V-12 for the North American
championship. Is there any hope? Maybe I should just park the old girl out
back and let her rust. Courage, man. God hates a coward.