[concours] St. Louis JCNA concours

Saturday (5th Aug) was the St. Louis JCNA concours. We had a great show with
about 65 or 70 cars by my count. We had two parking lots roped off at the
Missouri History Museum situated in Forest park in St. Louis. The museum
building and grounds as well as most of Forest park were built originally for
the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair. It is a beautiful venue with lots of shade.
Most postwar production Jaguars were represented. There were XK120’s, 140’s
and 150’s, lots of E-types and replicas of a C-type and a D-type. The saloon
keepers made a good showing with a '48 3&1/2 litre(Mark IV), a beautiful Mark
IX, and two Mark II’s. XJ’s were strongly represented with a Ser I, a Ser II
v-12, and no less than 7 Ser III xj6’s. Some XJ40’s and X300’s and 3
S-types. Topping off the group were about 12 XJ-S’s. At the awards dinner
that night at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel overlooking the edge of the park, XJ
lister Danny Herrin grabbed the third place (class 12) with his 84 VDP. He
had only just seen the car for the first time on the previous day. He
bravely placed it in the champion division. I’ll let him tell the rest of
the story. It’s a good one. Another lister from Kansas City took second
place and my car won first. I wonder if that’s the first time that Jag-Lover
list members have swept all three awards. All the cars were nice and some
exceptional. I was judging XK140’s and 150’s and they were gorgeous. The
only glitch was a rain shower at about 10:00 am but that was gone by judging
time. There were lots of owners in from out of town and it was good to meet
up with old friends again.
John Testrake
St. Louis, Missouri USA
84 xj6

Was Dr. A. there, or is he still away?

Congrats to all who won!

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