[concours] The myth of older versus newer cars in saloons

Jim Baker writes:

I would be interested in how the newer cars placed in individual shows as
opposed to national. I see a lot of local X300 and newer at shows but not
ones from out of town. Could this deter local people with older XJ40’s from
coming because they can’t compete against a brand new car? Like should be
judged with like. Logical division with the differences in body style. But,
then again, if Texas is going to turn in 8(!?) 100 pt cars, no concours cars
with less than 99.96, then the whole national placing are kind of a joke
anyway. In our 28 years of concours we have had, I think, 2 100 pt. cars and
that was just recently. Both of which received 10 in at least three other
shows. How do these Texas cars stand up in other regions?

Ask and ye shall receive. To my eyes, the trend is the same as for the XJS

  • meaning new cars sometimes do better and sometimes worse than older cars.
    In C13 and D7, the “best” model year was 1991, closely followed by 1999.
    The “worst” model year was 1993 followed by 1998. The graph is posted at:

And before anyone asks, there’s one class in which more model years are
represented than any other - Class D7. In 2001 in that class, cars built in
1970 directly competed against those built as late as 1992. This is a span
greater than that of all XJS production, contrary to the XJS propaganda
mill. Matter of fact, a report even claimed a 1997 XJ12 was in that class,
but I excluded results that were inconsistent with actual Jaguar
production. In THAT class, there MIGHT exist a trend for the Series 2 cars
to get pasted by the later Series 3 cars. Perhaps a split of D6 to provide
a home for the Series 1 and 2 cars would be in order. Before you all scream
“foul, Steve’s got a Series 2 XJ,” let me assure you that I propose no such
split. In the case of D6 I judged the 1970 car - in that case, the owner
entered by accident and the car has been extensively modified. I don’t know
WHY the 1976 cars did poorly except everyone knows that BL was building
junk at that time. Anyway, the D6 2001 results are posted at:
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40