[concours] Throwing away score sheets?

“throwing score sheets in the trash bin” ? that’s outrageous !

If you know your car is going to receive a lot of deducts… put it in
Display or if it’s all non originality things to the point of filing up the
space… it sure should have enough points to qualify for special interest…
when I don’t want to work on the car before entering a show, I don’t waste
judges time by getting it judged hoping they won’t see things… I go in

To me it’s also a waste of time for the judges to go over a car and have the
entrant decide his score is too low and he wants out !

what a joke !

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<< Bob, yes these results also seemed out of the ordinary when I saw them

over 50% 100 points entry in champion and too many near perfect cas in

Pascal >>

You only saw the “good” scores, there were 61 (sixty one) cars entered at
Galveston concours (Houston). Common practice is to put your score sheets
the trash bin if they are embarrassing. There were 30 (thirty) cars that
scores were not reported. I was judging D8 and ran out of space in the
“non-authentic” area of the score sheet on a couple of cars. Nobody got
slack. All the high scoring cars are seasoned concours entrants, mostly
Trailer Queens (for better or worse, but that’s another issue) that have
countless hours and $ spent on them and had taken licks previously, gone
and fixed the problems. This was the 6th (sixth) or more concours for
for most of these cars.

To me, considering using the judging at Franklin as a benchmark is a sick
joke. I was there.

                                                 David Nichols