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Just my natural curiosity I guess - must be my Germanic ancestry. The
Classic Range tire now made by Dunlop is the 185HR15 SP Sport, presumably
good to 130mph if you have what it takes.

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I would be carefull in selecting 185HR15 as a “correct” replacement tire.
The book that I have states that these are only a “correct” replacement for
6.4 x 15 tires. Some late 60’s and 70’s Jaguars that came with 185 x 15
tires require 205 x 70 as replacements to maintain the original stance. Yes,
this is hair-splitting, nit picking stuff, but last year I had a judge write
me up for having the factory original, never been on the ground, P5 spare (no
longer available) when I had P4000 (correct replacements) on the road wheels.
Strange but true. Didn’t use that score, obviously. Bought five MXV4’s the
next week. If anybody needs a BRAND NEW 205/70 Pirelli P5, let me know.

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