[concours] Trailered,Driven, Towed?

Last month I attended my first Jag Concours. Most of the cars, whatever the
class, looked impeccable. The average score was 99.2 points. A '54 XK120
OTS was trailered and received a perfect 100 pt score. It was the only 120
present. After the show, the owner placed a cloth over the exhaust pipes,
fired it up, and drove it 50 feet to the trailer. I learned a lot from that
car. It had parts on it that were long gone from the '52 and '53 120 OTS
that I am working on. I was planning on bringing the '53 but the Master Cyl.
failed. I should have towed it and used the hand brake for final placement
on the field. It is all original, including various rust holes and
accumulated crud. My placard ‘please touch me’ would have helped clean the
grime off the rust. I’m sort of glad I didn’t because it would have brought
down the average at the show quite abit. But it would have made a great
before and after shot, both 120’s being OEW in colour. Towing is an option
though, the car gets exposed to the elements the same as being driven and
the whole family can make the trip in comfort. Also, a towbar is a lot less
expensive than a trailer and can be displayed with the car to show how it
arrived long distance. Of course, driving the Jag is my favorite best
option, and the most fun! Cheers. Lee Jacobsen, Dearborn, MI USA.