[concours] Try the new Jag-lovers Screen Saver FX De-Luxe!

All Jag Lovers

Over the past few weeks, your web team and the e-type list have been
testing out the new Jag-lovers Screen Saver for Windows. It’s based on
the brochures and uses images from the many scans that are there.

The final beta test version is now out and should be on general release
at the weekend. You are invited to visit the new Saver homepage read
through the blurb and and try it out yourself prior to release this coming
weekend (this and previous list mail is the only official pointer to the URL
currently). It comes complete with a User Guide, customised
downloadable image archives, over 20 change effects, and the ability to
launch your browser to Jag-lovers et al while it is running. You can use
your own images as well…

Sorry, no Mac or WIn 3.1 versions currently. If there is a volunteer out
there who can program Macs and could write one around the operation
of this one, please yell loudly!

Jag-lovers Screen Saver Homepage

Mailto : screensaver@jag-lovers.org=========================================================
Note that currently, the saver does NOT support password protection or
Energy Saving features. Password protection at least will be available by
the weekend on an upgrade.


Jag-lovers Brochure Homepage