[concours] Turn Signal Lenses

Help! JCNA Judges and early “saloon” experts.

Should amber turn signal lenses be considered acceptable/authentic on a
US delivered, 1962 MK2 saloon?

I am aware that they were delivered to the US with clear lenses, but is
there anything in our Federal Highway Regulations which would suggest
that amber (front) turn signals fall under any sort of safety preference
or otherwise make amber lenses acceptable in a concours judging

The car’s owner tried to tell me that now, only amber lenses were
available and more suitable for today’s driving. I subsequently found
that both clear and amber lenses are currently stocked at XKs and
Welsh’s. I suspect they’re available elsewhere, too.

Thanks for your input,

Dick Cavicke

For what it’s worth, I have a '64 MK2 which is “original” as far as I know. I
bought it in '75 and I don’t believe it was tampered with. It has amber turn
signal lenses. I don’t` know for sure but I don’t think the regs changes
between '62 and '64. Hope this helps.

64 MK2
67 OTS
90 XJS