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Betreff: [concours] Re: wax overspray

Dr Gregory Andrachuk wrote:

A question needing an authoritative answer. My 1988 Series 3 xj12 has a
amount of factory wax-injection overspray in the engine compartment, on
bonnet underside, etc. I know that in non-Jaguar concours events this
of factory “splash” is considered not only normal, but desirable and
necessary. If you don’t have it, you lose points.

This stuff is very dificult to remove. Can anyone tell me what the JCNA
position is on this? (if there is a position?). I can find nothing on
in the Rulebook.

What we were taught was that a “normal” amount of
overspray/sealant/whatever isn’t deductible. An “excessive” amount is,
if the factory did it originally. I’d try entering without touching it. I
doubt you’ll receive deductions for wax overspray which is corrosion
preventative and akin to undercoat - we almost deducted an E-Type at
Western States for not having the undercoat in a place where it was
supposed to be until we decided that it wasn’t a proper area to deduct
(front of the wheel well, which isn’t inspectable on most cars under JCNA
rules). I’ve never received any deductions for the fairly ugly pebble
pattern on the bottom side of my bonnet, which is some sort of sound
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
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