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<< peaking of the VIN, there has GOT to be a better way! I judged a half
dozen Driven Division E-types, none of which had the VIN number on the
scoresheet. We wound up asking the owners if they planned to show the car
more than once. If the answer was “no” we blew it off and spent the time
actually reviewing the car. Validating the VIN number led to less thorough
judging in this case, which I don’t think was the original intent. To >>

Greetings to the List regarding the above clip:

I judged at the Franklin Concours and at the judges meeting Gerry Nell told
us not to sweat having the VIN on the score sheets. I am clueless as to
whether JCNA requires this as an entry for national points standings. I need
clarification on this very soon as I am now editing our Concours Brochure,
trying to get it out next week. Regarding the Jaguars that were displayed at
Franklin, they were drop-dead gorgeous, each and every one, 100% authentic or
not. There were a lot of first time entrants, I had a really nice guy
showing a Series 1 1/2 XKE to ask us to “Throw The Book At Him”, he really
didn’t care about his score for this show, he wanted to know what to fix. I
love it when that happens. We didn’t beat him up on his score real bad but
we all made notations on his score sheets about what the deficiencies were
and discussed with him how best to address the corrections. We thought that
would be in the best intersts of the sport. I would like for someone to
clarify for me the authenticiy of chrome lattice wheels on special edition
XJS 1989 thru 1991. They show up on the “Celebration” models ( I think
that’s what they are called ). I’ve seen a few of these cars, luckily none
have been on my clipboard, please advise.

            Thanks,             David Nichols

"now editing our Concours Brochure
David Nichols

How does one get this brochure?
Ron Rader