[concours] Wire wheels- do spokes count?

Hi all,

I am in the process of restoring a 1953 XK120M roadster. The numbers are :
Chassis : S673476
Body : F5527
Engine: W7258-8S
Gearbox: JL 15018

Actually I have not done anything to the car yet. The car originally
belonged to a Uof M professor (Michigan) with limited mechanical ability. I
say this because the fuel pump was taken off in 1966 and, yes, 32 years later,
it is still off .Recently , the professor passed away , his wife offered the
car to me, (I was third on her list… two others turned it down for silly
reasons ie. it doesn’t run!) and now it sits in the garage.
The car was originally BRG, but was given a brief ivory spray over.
Everything else is original . On the XK page, wire wheels have been
discussed. From a Concours page point of view, what is the penalty if I
decide to rebuild the 54 spoke wire wheels using stainless steel spokes? 60
spoke wire wheels are available new but would six spokes be a big no-no from a
concours point of view if they appeared on a XK120? Personally, I favor
rebuilding using stainless steel because of the appearence , low maintenence,
and keeping the 54 spoke format. Also, would a non-original color such as
wedgewood blue,(Shown on Moss Motors catalog XK140) be way out-of -bounds for
a XK120? I plan to get this car mechanically back on the road sometime this
summer, (clean out the mouse nests, free up the engine, unfreeze the carbs and
brakes etc.) and hopefully find a local Jag chapter in the Dearborn MI area
for helpful additional advice. Regards, Lee Jacobsen , Dearborn,