Confession and a Question to MKII lovers!

There are many things I like/love and enjoy about the MKII from bumper to bumper. On top of the list is the chrome and second is the wood which most people are also impressed with. There are many engineering/design features that are equally impressive to those of us who get into the weeds of these car like the retractable brake calipers pistons.
Most times when members of my family are referring to the MKII they say Miss J. Some of my friends, well most, will refer to the Hag. I made the mistake of telling a photographer in my local car show not to take a straight on side shot of the Hag. He wanted to know why. Something is out of proportion with the straight on views, maybe the back vent window. Have any of you guys ever noticed how "knock down drag out, gorgeous the MKII is from any angle except the straight on side view. It disturbs me and thus the following question.
There is a question after this explanation: Of my fleet my most loved is my 1964 Austin Healey BJ8, purchased June 23, 1967 and my 1964 RHD Jag 3.4 MKII purchased in Jan 1995. I drive them lots. So I fill them up with petrol lots. When I am topping off the Healey, guys come around and love the car. Sometimes they never look at me except an occasional glance maybe to make sure someone is still there. When I am topping off the Jag MKII, ladies and girls come around and love the car. This viewing and loving almost never varies since 1995. Now I know if any of you guys would see my Healey in tall green grass with the hood down you was say, ‘that car looks like a node woman lying on her belly’. So that explains the Healey. The big question is, what are the ladies and girls seeing in the Jag when they have no idea what king of car it is? Maybe you Jag MKII loving ladies out there are the only ones that can answer, please do!
David aka WarEagleIV

I could be wrong but, I’s say it comes down to deductive reasoning… :wink:

Road-worthy Jaguar MKII owners are, in broad generalities, expected to be (and often are):

A) A little older (or more distinguished, if you prefer)
B) A little wealthier
C) A little safer (next to a similarly aged and fat-walleted and hot-rodder)
And D): A little less likely to bore them with talk of horsepower while readily able to engage in talk about how fancy the wood and leather looks.

So, in short, and in otherwords, The average MK2 driver appears to be a friendly, safe, distinguished gentleman with money in the bank and an appreciation for expensive things that look good on show. Which also happen to be the ingredients needed to acquire diamond rings, tennis bracelets, Italian purses and tickets to otherwise sold-out things.

This is of course in jest, except when its not :wink:


The owner displays a willingness to care for the elderly and the quirky.

I like “worldly”. The lovely Rosanne has rings, a tennis bracelet and Italian purses (The Bridge brand). All procured by yours truly for her over 30 years. Have you been going through her stuff? I guess I’m the archetypal Mk2 owner!

On the other hand my E Type pulls blokes. Just before Christmas I stopped for fuel and a guy approached me with a take away pizza menu complete with his name and phone number. Suggested a free large pizza if I drove to his establishment so he could take some pictures.


I would never go through her things! [puts all the things back]…

I agree on the E-Type. I’ve owned and own several classic cars, and nothing even comes close to drawing attention like my ‘70. I’ve had other motorists do a u-turn…around my car…while I am still driving it…in parking lots, and you can;’ go to a gas station without at least one comment. One guy told me it had made his day, just to see an E-Type.

As for my Mk2…well…It will need to start cooperating or I’ll send it down the road for the last time…

Well if they look inside this always seems to impress. This is an S Type however.

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That’s it I am on a right downer now , I thought she was waiting 2 hours for me :cry:3ed74bfe08130b31112c4821fa6f4df2--mk-models1

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Sorry, I should have started with: If you are “subject to visions of sugar plumbs” don’t read this post.
I am really sorry as a person and for you.
War Eagle

When my car was stock looking and sounding, the only attention I ever got was from white haired white men. For context, I’m in my early 30’s and mostly wear white Ts, jeans and Vans. Many of their comments were disparaging, like “hey where’d YOU get that beautiful car?” or “I hope you do something with that jag!” as though they are in some way superior and I don’t know what I have. I mostly laughed in their faces or in some other way told them to get lost. Now that it looks and sounds like a race car, the old dudes look away and I get a lot of longing looks from younger ladies (and their boyfriends). And at car shows I get as much or more interest than the E-types and other “stock” cars. Interesting how style attracts and repels.

So not only do you have a bad attitude but now you have a bad car to go with it. You deserve a Tesla.
War Eagle

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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