Confirming the Correct Discs, Pads and Wear Sensors for 2015 X250 XF 3.0D S

I am going to replace the front and rear discs and pads on my 2015 X250 XF 3.0D S - it has 355mm discs on the front as I believe all facelift (2012 - 2015) X250 3.0D S models had. Before going ahead and ordering, I’d greatly appreciate it if someone could confirm the discs, pads and sensors below are correct for the car.

Can I also confirm I will only need 2 pad wear sensors in total? (One for the front and one for the rear) Is the front pad sensor different given the discs are bigger than the rear?

Am I right in assuming I need to buy the pads with the piston clip?

What do Autodoc mean when they describe the pads as “without accessories?”

Front Discs: BREMBO COATED DISC LINE 09.B556.11 Brake Disc :

Rear Discs: BREMBO COATED DISC LINE 09.B312.11 Brake Disc :

Front Brake Pads: BREMBO P 36 027 Brake pad set:

Rear Brake Pads: BREMBO P 59 042X Brake pad set:

Front Pad Sensors: BREMBO A 00 460 Brake pad wear sensor:

Rear Pad Sensors: BREMBO A 00 461 Brake pad wear sensor :

Many thanks in advance.

Looks as though they are correct for your car as per the description (looking at the first two items)
Generally unless the wear indicators have worn through they should be good to re-use.