Confusing Procedure #ing System in the Factory Workshop Manual

I’ve noticed that in the Jag factory service manual literature for the X-308s (all 2,500 ps. or so, IIRC) Jaguar will, in standard fashion, use a specific # for each service procedure shown. Typically it is a 3-digt #, followed by a dash, and that in turn is followed by a two-digit #. However, whenever the procedure itself refers to some other procedure that must be done beforehand, it never refers to same using that kind of #. Instead, it uses a 2-digit, followed by a “.”, followed by another two-digit #, followed by another “.”, and lastly followed by another two-digit #. wth??? :crazy_face: So where are the latter procedures found ??? :confused: Had this come up again last week when I was looking up how to r/r the dash clock. The manual advised first removing the center vent fascia piece, and gave one of those unfindable procedure #s, like “83.25.14” or some such. I do note that in the factory workshop literature for earlier models of Jags, they seem to use this same latter #ing system in them. Is that a clue? :confused: