Connecting Autoenginuity

(Dave Donoghue) #1

I have just moved from an X350 to a 2006 XK 4.2 NA. It’s a great car, however the beep when locking the car is not sounding so I tried to connect my Autoenginuity Scantool to check it out. I have version 9.1.1 with the Jaguar enhancement software. First thing I found was that the XK is not listed as a vehicle option so I tried similar models, short story is I could not get a connection. I wonder if anyone else has the same car and scanner combination and if so, how do you set it up to connect?
I have sent an equiery to Autoenginuity but it has been about 10 days…

Any help is appreciated, Dave.

Just to update you all, I received a reply from support at Autoenginuity. They advised that I should be using ISO9141-2 instead of can. That connected but only to generic and not to the sensors within the CAN.
I will try them again.

(Dave Donoghue) #2

I found the problem yesterday, the enhanced software activation codes had been deleted somehow. Once I reactivated the enhanced software it connected fine. However there were no faults reported in the alarm sounder, which is what |I am looking at. There are no beeps when I double lock the car, can they be turned of as an option?