Connolly Autolux leather

According to what I’ve read, the XJ-S and the Testarossa both use Connolly Autolux leather.

I own both of these cars, and the leather grain couldn’t be more different.

One website says, “Autolux is a high grade leather with a smooth finish. The range is as supplied to a large variety of prestige automotive manufacturers, including Ferrari and Jaguar. The choice is based on the old Connolly colour palette.”

I wouldn’t categorize the leather in my Jag as having a “smooth finish,” but the Ferrari’s leather is certainly smooth — almost no visible grain at all.

What gives?

Car model year may account for differences, as the finishing processes, and the hide thicknesses used, evolved. My 95 XJS is what i consider smooth leather with very little apparent grain.

Never been in a Ferrari so can’t say much.

I have seen photos of classic Jaguars with more apparent grain visible

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What year XJS?

The leather spec varied over the years. I am sure that many XJSs didn’t have Autolux. I think only select facelift cars had it….perhaps the last couple years of V12 production? Or just certain special edition models?


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You own a classic Jag AND a Ferrari ? :open_mouth: Are you a doctor or a lawyer? :smiley_cat:

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@ptelivuo may be able to answer your leather question.

My Jag is an ‘87. The Ferrari is an ‘88.

On closer inspection, there’s a wide variety of grains in my Jag. The tops of the door cards are almost as grain-free as the leather in the Ferrari, but the leather on the seat cushions is, I think, actually embossed to create a fake, deep grain.

@Doug_Dwyer I thought they all had Autolux. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to get these facts, but I guess record keeping at both Jaguar and Connolly was different in those days.

@AttyDallas Neither. I am a middle manager at a software company. I just have backward priorities. :sunglasses:

@JimD_in_Alabama If you’re ever up near Toronto, ping me and I’ll let you drive the TR.

@Wiggles Thanks for the tip.

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Jay, if I am ever up in Toronto I will certainly take you up on that:-)

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My XJS is an '83.

The door panels, console, seat cushion sides, and seat back sides, are all smooth; as are the seat back edges and the backs of the seatbacks

The seat cushion centers and the seat back centers have a very slight grain effect. Definitely not smooth, but also not a well defined grain either.