Consensus on Buying a "Live" or "Dead" XJ6

Mitch is difficult, don’t worry about him. I think he means well.

Good luck with the car and if you take a look feel free to post a few pictures etc.!
I‘ve seen many good things and often waiting for something better pays off, if it’s right you just know it :blush:

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For gods sake do not worry about me…
lets see…circa 2012 I bought a '86 xj6 from Steve in Swampscott (Boston) was listed here in our classifieds…fixed it in Steves driveway in a couple of hours…got in it and drove it to Phoenix, Az (2660 miles) I paid steve $400 (he had sold the interior)
lets see…towed with a tow bar a 1969 xj6 laycock manual trans from Hudson Valley, NY to Phoenix, az (2467 miles) (I paid $900 years later sold the SU carbs to Jeff) the laycock is in my white 2+2
please do not worry about me…been there done this stuff!!
Oh…on ebay ending in about an hour is a '76 xj6 currently at $1199 no reserve in the desert (Henderson Nevada)

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$3000 is no steal, but you won’t have pay that. $2k or $3k is still negligible in the overall scheme of Jaguar ownership. I bought a very nice 87 XJ12 for $8000 ten years ago and drove the pants off it. When the transmission went, I decided it was due for a refresh… so this year did a transmission rebuild, stainless exhaust including down pipes, radiator, condenser/compressor/hoses/expansion valve. Powdercoated anything I took off. Spent $7300 in parts for that car this year. Had a shed load of fun doing it.

What things actually cost:

exhaust 811.63
mostly the oil cooler 654.65
downpipes 631.90
hoses for oil cooler, hood pad 629.96
transmission kit 396.33
exhaust long pipes 359.00
stainless cross over pipe 355.98
AC PARTS 342.14
torque converter 302.95
AC Condensor 275.00
power steering hoes 230.00
Chinese Aluminum Radiator 199.00
Transmission Pump Body 190.00
radiator 187.99
powdercoat 163.00
Spare tranmission for parts 150.00
torque converter 135.98
tranny lines 125.00
exterior marker light 114.25
welding 103.00
powdercoat 100.00
Steering rack hose 81.00
Transmission Fluid 80.58
power steering pump housing 65.94
oil pan gasket and stufftransmission mount 58.61
02 sensors 56.09
oil change 50.00
hardware 47.38
AC HOSE 45.97
belts, or brake line for transmission 44.46
AC HOSE 43.95
not sure 31.95
tranny bushings 25.85
nuts and bolts 25.82
exhaust studs 25.24
not sure 24.87
power steering cooler 24.00
roll bar thingys 23.18
power steering oil cooler 23.00
welding wire 21.65
power steering cooler 21.52
ac probe tape 17.68
flywheel bolts 14.99
rack hardware 13.00
power steering hose 13.00
hardware 10.00
spray paint 9.24

That was a running car. The last non runner I bought was a 96 XJ12 for $900. Two $20 fuel pumps later it was running great! Immediately upon driving it realized the brakes were beyond gone. Very affordable to do new rotors… maybe $500 more and it was state inspected! Drove it until the wiring harness in the fender fell down and got caught by the wheel. Fixed it but lots of lights on now, and I got tired of refilling the power steering pump. Just rebuilt the pump for $25 or so… and dropped $1000 on OEM suspension parts so that’s this winters project. Decided to buy all the special Jaguar tools and the fancy pegboard that came out of a dealership. Picking them up this January. Again, great fun.

You have the classic dilemma. Sounds like the car you are interested in is a good one

BUT, it has extinct electronics

I could have got one same as you, except a V12, $3K asking…as that was how much the owner owed the specialist Jag mechanic who could not fix it after 12mths

Even though I was formerly an electronics technician, I declined, as it appeared the ECU had failed

Earlier vehicles had carbs, which can be easily fixed

Parts and expertise to fix ancient auto electronics are very scarce

How much work are you going to do ?

If you intend to pay someone else, my answer would be forget it

Just go through the normal check list of big expenses, RUST, paint job, interior, chrome, same as any car

@Mister_Mitch has a good heart and knows a lot, just read his posts and be content

Tony I would be doing all work short of transmission rebuild or actual engine machining work. Have done all of this before only this would be my first Jaguar. I’m retired and have a 4 car garage with lift engine hoist ect. A slew of air tools and other make your life easier equipment. I would have to secure shop and parts manuals but nothing is new under the sun. About one quarter of my professional life has been spent stretching the most out of antiquated technology.


Stretching out the life of antiquated machinery :slight_smile: my employer is still running hundreds of machines from the 1960’s which get rebuilt, add PLCs, tablet computers on the side doing counts…. Also great fun! Plus we get paid!

In my hometown there is a matchbook factory from the late 40’s. It’s a Time Machine. No robots but all automated. It’s a wonder and it still works.

You’re an interesting character Mitch. I guess every site needs to have a guy like you to keep compliancy from taking over. Merry Christmas to you!

Creating and installing a continuous forms feeder with digital batch control to a 1930’s Heidelberg Windmill letterpress in the 80’s. The most frightening piece of machinery I’ve ever seen in person.

Or adding a laser welder to a 1940’s roll forming machine with a plc controlled flying saw to cut the formed material to programmed length. That was a worthwhile challenge and was genuinely fun except for the laser burns!


I wouldnt take it so hard: Ill PM you.

As you have outlined your case, just buy it :grinning:

$3k is nothing

With any luck, it will not have a major electronic fault

Even if it does, if one is very determined, replacement parts can usually be had (from other vehicles that get wrecked)

There is a lot of good info on here to help you

If it turns out you cannot sort the engine control electronics, your loss is limited to $3k

If it is just stale fuel, all the better, you will have a bargain

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And wouldn’t you know it…!


Oh yeah that’s the monster. Damn thing still gives me nightmares some nearly 40 years on.

We weren’t allowed to remove the sheet feeder because the customer wanted to be able to change back in between continuous form jobs. The sheet feeder are those wild swinging arms.

While working on that thing I kept seeing in my mind my forearm above the elbow come flying past my face. I honestly don’t know how any operator ever walked away from one of those without severe injuries.

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Ever seen a pin setting machine?

I very nearly lost an arm to one.

Actually I have and very near the end of my career. We were setting up phone line communication links for a TV broadcaster that was doing the Pro Bowlers Tour at a lane in the district I covered. The lines came in the back behind the setting machines. The manager voluntarily shut down the first 2 lanes that we’d be walking back and fourth past without even being asked. We thanked him and he said no problem better safe than sorry. I wouldn’t want to have to call an ambulance for you guys if you weren’t paying attention. After watching the rest of the machines work we appreciated it.

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When I was a kid my parents would sometimes hand us over to grandpa who liked to either drive us around Newark NJ, or take us bowling at his ancient country club. The only risk with those pin setters was that one of them might punch you in the face for leaving a lousy tip.


Pinsetters: The Early Years.


Hi Bill,
First off, nice choice of airplane you got there!

I just went trough 2 years of “everything” was broken on my car… So I would also prefer the runner but from what you posted you seem to have the knowledge, time, space and are willing to have a project. I had basically no knowledge and managed but not without this forum and the people on it.

I would definitely do a compression check and walk away if that isn’t good. I don’t mind low compressions but they have to be even. Based on my experience any XJ that has sat for a while will have clogged injectors so they wont start. But you could just give it a little break cleaner or start pilot or similar and see if the car comes to life on that. I would try to inject that after the AFM since it probably doesn’t appreciate being soaked.

I had to go through everything including the engine so I would want to make sure the engine is as good as it gets. Of course you have to decide. This is personal. Probably a gut feeling. Good luck and keep us posted.

If you want to check out my story…

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Thanks Max. Believe me when I say that all here who care to read it will be part of my journey into my first Jaguar. I joined the group for some educated insight before I began this trek. I have some important pending family business out of state and my January will be a busy one. In between all that I plan some trips investigating the available stock until I find one that truly grabs me. Must be clean body and nice interior as everything else both electrical and mechanical fall into my realm.

Merry Christmas to all !


Yes! Find one that Calls to you, “Please take me home!”
I wish you success.