Considering a 2.4 Mk2 4 spd

Its rough, but I ask a question. If I remember correctly, the 2.4 Mk2 was never “officially” imported to the US correct? That said, anyone have any idea or data-source for how many 2.4 Mk2’s made it over here? I haven’t seen the title yet, but I’m told its a 61 or 62. I know that rarity doesn’t increase value necessarily, but unique and quirky can be fun!



Would not think many are left , not sure how many went to the USA , someone will know !

:raised_hand: I have one! A 1968 240. I bought it in 1973 from a guy who purchased it in Brussels Belgium and brought it over. It’s never run better. Would you like to see it?

I can see the pictures. Is it true that the 2.4 runs very nice and smooth?
I‘d buy it!!

Greetings All,

I own a 2.4 MKII, RHD, red on red, wires manual with OD, with a Webasto.

They made it to our shores, but sort of doubt by dealers as every one I have seen is RHD. Would have thought they’d be LHD?

The car should not be as rare, as the 2.4 was made in greater numbers.

I imported the car in '82 after working in the UK. Drove it home from NYC, learning to shift left handed and dealing with Connecticut tolls from the wrong side of the car. That’s when the Webasto came in handy. Oh yeah, the heater, on a typical New England January, barely kept 8" of the windshield defrosted.

Great engine, the original plan was to swap it out for another 3.4/3.8 that was spare, even bought the the needed parts. Problem was engine is pretty sweet. Runs like a sewing machine. Car had been fitted with SU’s but the Solexes were in the trunk. I don’t believe the rear end is original. The ratio seems wrong. I’m doing 60 and under 2000 RPM, meaning I will be grabbing another gear for most hills. Great mileage though.

well…I bought them. The primary is an end of Oct or first week Nov 1959 build (#146) 2.4 4spd with OD. Rough and rusty in the lower fenders forward of the rockers and around the corners when the bumpers bolt up. Rockers are somehow in great shape. The 2nd car is #460 and also a 2.4 4spd car. Between the two getting one complete car will be easy. Both are titled and 146 is a numbers matching car. Both cars are black/red interior. Interesting that on there are only two 2.4 LHD noted in the US. So lets up that total folks!

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i found them a ton of fun on road with moss& od ,autobox perhaps easier .