Considering trading my current car for 2004 Jaguar X-Type 3.0

Photo from ad

So I recently purchased a 1991 Mercury Capri Convertible with 46000 miles on it that is in great shape and runs great, however the radio and wipers and fuel gauge are all inoperable. Important to also note I live in Minneapolis Minnesota.

I saw an ad online for a 2004 Jaguar X-Type with 100,600 miles on it and I emailed the owner half joking and asked if he’d consider a trade. He said he was very interested and we are meeting Wednesday morning to see each other’s vehicle. The known issues according to the current owner is inoperable windshield wipers and a power steering leak. Otherwise he says everything works perfectly. So I guess I’m looking for advice. Should I dive into the Jaguar? I’ll update with my decision.

I have an 04 X Type wagon with 124,000 miles (200,000 km) on it and would strongly encourage you to go for it. I just fixed my wipers. While the motor still worked and I could move the wipers back and forth by hand, when I opened it up, the only thing wrong was the nut on the excentric was loose. Easy fix, but note where the parked position for the articulating mechanism is and don’t get the wiper arms mixed up. Before you start, buy a new cabin air filter and install it when everything is opened up.

I have the wagon (estate) and use it as my daily driver and ski car. The AWD is great.

I forgot they made a wagon…that’s fantastic! Well I did go for it even though when I got there the gentleman thought of the incredibly loud rusted exhaust system is supposed to sound like that because it had dual exhaust. So that’s on the list as is of course the power steering which I did put a couple bottles of fixed it in so fingers crossed that buys me more time. The car also came with a flat tire but thank goodness it was only a month old was under warranty so the tires at the shop and I have a doughnut on the Jag right now until later tonight. So it looks great but sounds like a tank to the engine seems very strong transmission seems good so I’ll take the good with the bad I guess. Doesn’t seem like the exhaust system or something I can do on my own so that’s going to run me about $1200 I guess. Adding in the eventual repair to the power steering system should run me about $1800 total. As for the wipers I can hear the motor so I’m going to try the nut to see if that’s all it is because it’s the same thing you were talking about. If anybody has suggestions on cheaper ways to repair the exhaust system let me know otherwise I will update as the car progresses. Thank you for any input.

A friend, who helped me fix the wipers, said that starting them when the blades are frozen to the windshield or buried under snow is what causes the connection to come loose.

While these cars are absolutely wonderful when they are in good order, they do NOT tolerate abuse or neglect well at all. They become very expensive very quick. Do you have a warm garage to work on your car, and are you planning on this being your only transportation year-round? Not a good idea if you can’t do 90% of your own work, or if you don’t have spare wheels. I have 3 X-types, and absolutely love them. I commute 90 miles total, every day. I drive my X-types in the winter and an '85 XJ6 (or one of my E-types if the weather is nice). There are a few weak spots in the X-type that you may not be aware of. Be sure to check and change the transfer case oil ASAP. The headlights are prone to breaking the little plastic internal pieces that hold the lamp housing. If your headlights aren’t currently aimed perfectly when you are facing a wall, check the internal housings for looseness. I love the X-type, but teat it like an airplane…a lot of preventive fiddling so you don’t have any preventable major issues. Oh, by the way, DO NOT drive with one tyre that is not exactly the same diameter as the others, it can quickly ruin your transfer case. You need to have a spare tyre that is ‘full size’ as the others that are on the car already.

I agree about changing the transfer case oil. Also, it is imperative that the cooling duct be in place. This is often left off after servicing and can lead to the transfer case burning out. The plastic engine cover should be removed as it traps heat and can lead to the catalytic converter and/or the coils on the rear bank cooking.

Well after 3 days of a mounting list of immediately necessary repairs including 4 new tires, Power steering repairs and a new exhaust system I was able to reverse my vehicle trade and I have my original car back. I still look forward to owning a jaguar X type, however thanks to this forum I will be more careful in selection of that vehicle.

Start out by finding an independent Jag specialist in your area. Others on the list can help you. I have a great one in Calgary, but that is a little far for you. Once you have that, then any car that passes your initial inspection and a carfax can be put to a pre purchases inspection. The PPI tells you what your real cost is and can be used to negotiate the price. Good luck.