Contact for Mike Eck

Does anyone have a phone number for Mike Eck. I sent my tach to him at his new address several days ago and have tried to contact him via an email address he gave me and also his jaguarclock contact info…however, no reply or response.

UPS says they delivered it at the front door…no personal contact. Needless to say I’m concerned about possibly losing my tach so any help regarding a solid way to touch base with him would be appreciated.

PM sent.

More words.

Les, he recently did a clock for me and it was a similar story. However he eventually did respond and confirmed he had received the package. This was on a Monday after it was delivered on Friday. I just chalked it up to him not checking his email etc all the time and it was all good in the end. I’m sure he has your tach and will do a great job on it. Although I empathize with you!


Thanks Robert, I heard back from Mike and am relieved he has confirmed he has the tach.

Any chance you could forward Mike’s contact information. Trying to fix tach and clock and I cannot find any information on whereabouts.

Thanks Mark
San Rafael

Mark, I’ve heard Mike Eck does great work, but after reading it was difficult communicating with him, I didn’t want to let my clock out of my hands. Call it paranoia!

There is another solution: They make a similar digital PCB pacemaker and sell it in kit form with detailed instructions. Price from England is just under $100, delivered. Thus, you can repair your clock on your work bench. It’s a very fulfilling job.

I did a write-up here:

I’m not Les but I have been in email contact with Mike as recently as last month. He did a clock for me at that time.

His email address is the one shown on his website:

Completely agree. He did my clock about two months ago and did a super job. I trust him too.

JUST THE CLOCK! I don’t need the tachometer or the time set cable or any other car parts!
To be sure your clock is accurately calibrated we like to keep it for two weeks. We no longer accept foreign orders because we have experienced too frequent loss of packages when we ship overseas. This is for your clock’s safety. For more information contact:

Thank You all!

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I sent Mike my clock between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020, and got it back in early/mid-January 2021. He did great work and I had good communication with him several times via the email address on his website. Top notch all around.


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Double ditto: his upgrade of Tweety’s clock was superb, as has been his repair of the Kienzle in the Rover.

Thanks for the response. Do they also have a kit that helps convert the tack from the generator to run off the coil. I have that in another car and its fantastic.

Id love to try myself!!!

No, they only specialize in clocks as far as I know. The owner is very approachable.

Sent my clock to Mike on November 8. It was non-functional and the minute hand was broken off:

Got it back December 18 - keeps perfect time:

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Excellent! As I understand, Mike actually replaces the innards of the Series 2 clock with a modern digital movement, as they are not repairable. That’s an advantage for Mike, as Clocks4Classics doesn’t have a kit for it.

Yes, Mike converted my S2 clock last year. The guy’s reputation is solid. Sent it in with a check. No unnecessary communication needed. Got it back. It works accurately. Satisfied customer.

Yes Mike did mine too. My series II clock was only right twice a day. But Mike fixed that :smiley:. It took a little time (oh! another clock joke) but just be patient. His process is good.