Conversion from sports to normal rear suspension!

Hello to everyone and many thanks for accepting me on this forum.
I have two XJ40’s but my problem is with a 1993 Police Special, unfortunately the rear shockers after 164,000 miles have now decided to bottom out. All Police Jaguars supplied from new had heavy/sports suspension fitted. My problem is that the rear sports shocker’s are now no longer available, so I intend to fit normal rear shockers with new springs! I have been unable to find out if the shocker top plate needs replacing if it is different? unfortunately at the moment I’m unable to do the job myself, but my mechanic has no problem in doing this job, so did not want to have the car stuck on his ramp awaiting for parts! If anyone can help I would be more than grateful. Mike.

Hi Michael, welcome to the forums, I have moved your post to the correct forum as the XJ forum deals with the S1,11 and 111 series cars which are totally different from your XJ40. Congratulations on a fairly unique vehicle.
I can’t help with the shock question but I would think the top plate would be a common part.

Thanks for the welcome Robin, and I was thinking along the same lines but just wanted to be sure!


By referring to the parts catalogue in CD-Rom JHM1153, The rear shock upper mounting appears to be the same for both standard and sportspack rear suspension with part number MMD3570AA. The only different mounting shown is for the ‘ride-level’ rear suspension with part number MMD3470AA.
They do show the different spring assemblies for the various diffferent rear suspensions, so I imagine that had the upper mountings been different between ‘standard’ and ‘sportspack’ they would have said so.

Many thanks Bryan, just the news I was hoping for. Now I can go ahead and get the rear shockers fitted.

What is the VIN of your car? If it’s later than 696460 It is possible you have the later (X300) suspension arrangement.

Many thanks for that, I will check the vin number on my return home.

My car has the sports suspension and came from the factory with Yellow ‘Sport’ Bilstein shock absorbers. I searched far and wide for replacements without success. Last year I had both the front and rear suspension completely refurbished at David Marks garage in Nottingham, surprisingly he had no problem in sourcing the correct replacement shocks, I’m not certain but I think he gets them directly from Bilstein. Unless you drive the car really hard I doubt you would notice much difference between ‘standard’ or ‘sport’ shocks. My last car was a 94 Sovereign with standard suspension and to be honest it was a much nicer car to drive suspension wise.

Hi Casso, Yes that is my sentiments as well, I think my advance pursuit days are over! My other XJ40 has standard suspension that was replaced a couple of years ago by a previous owner. So I doubt that in retirement I will not notice any difference. I only purchased the Police XJ40 last December and has had a slight rattle from then, I will be only to pleased to enjoy a silent ride. Thanks once again.

Just curious, is there any difference in the GVWR between your Police and standard XJ40? Or a large difference in the GAWR Front and Rear (on the label in the driver’s door opening)?