Conversion parts in AZ

good find! parts appear to be in New Mexico

thanks Jay,
o hell, I Looked at the map and Saw Albuquerque then typed AZ :sleeping:

i was hoping they were in my backyard… lol!
the older i get, the more i do that too, no worries

“…most of the parts needed to install a Chevy V8 into a 80’s XJ6”
If only it was that simple :wink:

Yeah, Bob ! Not heard from you in a spell. My car is doing fine. Wonder what "kit’ those parts are from. And, the cables?? About enough to bolt in the engine and trans and and connect them to the differential. then what !!!r

well he is only asking $150. wouldn’t expect the full 1500-2000 kit

Still wonder what the cables are for??

But, yes, the mounts are probably worth the asking price or a hundred. Such an offer would probably get them.

That would munt the lump. Go from there, Computer, harness and small stuff, not to forget exhaust.

Carl, Are those mounts Johns design? I know they are not Suncoast/Jaguar Specialties. And yes, for what he is selling, the price is pretty good. WRT the cable shown in the pic, it looks like he is including the shifter cable that’s part of the car, not the conversion kit. My guess is these parts were harvested from a prior conversion.