Convertable top problem (still)

(Gary Mees) #1

Can any of you experts help with a issue I am having , top keeps telling me its not latched even though I showed it was and even shouted at it, but to no avail.
Using the photo can anyone tell me is when the bit circled in white comes down it should press the bit circled in orange (micro switch) which i assume is the latch closed switch.

ta everso


(Robin O'Connor) #2

Have you tried manually closing the switch to see if that recognises the top as being latched? Could be either the switch is/has failed or it is out of adjustment and needs realignment?

(Gary Mees) #3

OK so this is where I am I bent the switch in the previous post so that when the level comes down it hits the switch.
Now when I close the roof (sometimes I have to press it twice as it does not always close fully), then as the roof closes the latch does not raise to receive the roof, could it be the computer ?

(Robin O'Connor) #4

Have you checked that the switch is passing currrent to the ECU?

(Gary Mees) #5

No I haven’t checked the voltage, but I checked the switches and they function, guess it’s time to dig deeper.

(Robin O'Connor) #6

I had a problem with my XJ40 windows where the micro switches OHM’ed out OK but the contacts were too dirty to pass sufficient current, just another possibility.