Convertible top frame restoration

We will be having the new convertible top fabric from OSJI installed, but the guys doing the top won’t be restoring the frame.

They said to take lots of pictures of the OG top which is still (I use the term loosely) attached to the frame.

Is the vert frame restoration a reasonable DIY project? Planned to bring it home and start disassembly.

Interested in the steps if there is a thread about that as well as sourcing the correct frame paint color.

Thank you!


Maybe RCBFL will chime in.
Sounds like he has his in pieces:

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Shoot CJ an email and ask of they still have the fancy color matched bomb cans of gray paint for the top frames. It’s some of the most lovely paint I’ve ever shot. It seems strange to gush over bomb can paint, but you’ll understand if you get to try it.

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A qualified yes. There’s more to the hood frame assembly than may be obvious. Several of the parts are bolted together and can be disassembled, but most of the pivot points are swaged in place and can’t be disassembled. The header has two pieces of wood that may need to be replaced; a larger piece at the front of the header that holds the latches and a thin/long piece that smooths the transition into the header. The material on the header is available from OSJI. I disassembled everything that I could, sand blasted all the metal parts, cleaned them and painted them with two coats of epoxy primer being careful not to glue the pivot points together. Then I painted them with 2 coats of Machine Gray rattle can paint.


That is drool worthy Doug!! Wow!

I’ll post pictures of mine.

It is is horrid shape (the top at least). Will have to assess the frame. I know dad has replacement new wood parts as I remember organizing them along with the new convertible top and cover. It’s all there and the new stuff is in great shape as it has all stayed boxed up in climate controlled garage since he passed.

The old top however has been moved all over the shop and is in horrible shape as it has been on the floor.

Assuming good pictures and video should suffice for the new convertible top placement. Is this different than most any other tops? Oh how I know these cars are different on so may levels, hoping the top might be “standard” operating procedure. :+1:t2:

I never did reference the top that came on my car to get the new one on. If OSJI is going to install the top I wouldn’t worry about it. Don’t install the cantrail seals until the top is on and latched. Then adjust the cantrail seal holder with seal taped in place until the window seals correctly to the cantrail seals. Use the cantrail seals from Welsh- You are being redirected... -as the seals from the other usuals are far too rigid. Once everything is aligned glue the seal to the adapters and let dry. Once dry THEN cut the seal at the joints using a very sharp blade.


Local shop, OSJI too far for us to justify trailering the car, of course if Muncie were closer…

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Perhaps a visit by @skiracer is in order?

Doug, Candie and Tim are the BEST hosts! Plus… they have rental doggos!


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Besides the fact that the help was amazing, that was the best week! Gained 3 amazing friends! :screwdriver: :oncoming_automobile: :raised_hands:t2:

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Both times that I visited, were some of the most fun spring vacations I’ve ever had!

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