Convertible Top Replacement Assistance

Why do you drive upside down? :upside_down_face:

For me it’s less about claustrophobia and all about heat. I burn too easily to have the top down in spring/summer and with the top up it’s a torture box. When the window is lowered, it acts more like a nice shade awning than a sealed roof.



Not me! It’s my phone! :laughing:

I thought you might be on vacation in Australia :rofl:

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I have two boot covers, an aftermarket item without the slots and an original with, which is what I use. The original cover came from a 1969 OTS which, as far as I’m aware, was the first year the top boots featured the slot but earlier than the debut of the inertia reel. So, to answer your question, the slots were made to accommodate the static belts and are in the right place. The main benefit of the slot is it reduces the length of the shoulder strap but it also keeps the strap from falling behind the seat back when you exit the car. This is how it fits my ‘68:

And these pics show the two types together, and a closeup of where the T-slot is if you’re considering modifying one without the slots

Something to note about the aftermarket top boots. Some are better than others. Mine fits well but is lighter weight than the original, lacking the cloth liner material on the underside.

I must get around to disposing of the repro.


damn, you rolled it. :wink:

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There ya go, Pekka
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Can anyone confirm the paint color on the frame for 68 S 1.5?

For a Finn?

Hell, that’s outright mirth!



It’s a greenish-grey, as Doug says. As far as I know the colour remained approximately the same for decades. I have the original, unrestored soft top frame from my XK120 and the colour is the same as the soft top frame of my ‘68 E. When I stripped and resprayed the E-type frame back in the 80s I acquired a pint of acrylic lacquer based paint from British Auto USA, “Jaguar Seat and Top Frame Paint”, their p/n was CH2006. British Auto USA was of course bought out and became SNG Barrett USA, who up until 10 years ago at least listed the paint under p/n CH2006/3. I’ve just checked and it seems it’s no longer listed, but perhaps it just hasn’t made it to their on-line catalogue.

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Is it supposed to match the gray/green color of the radiator screen surround?

[quote=“Nickolas, post:30, topic:440365”]
It’s a greenish-grey, as Doug says.

In which case the body shop who painted yours would have the code?

Well, it is in the shop where it was painted, I could be VERY mistaken, but thought my radiator surround was silver/black?

not the fiberglass thing…the metal thing that is attached to the screen in front of the radiator

this thing. I just picked a color from the Martin Seynour color chip. Hard to see the green tint in artificial light

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I swear I thought mine was silver, now I need to look again.

Every one of those radiator screens I ever saw was gray/silver.

Not the screen, the metal that the screen is attached to. I was under the impression that it was gray/slightgreen. The “grid” part is silver/

I am perfectly content to be corrected by the concours crowd.

Is it the same color as the steel seat pan?

As am I, because a great deal of this is the wide and varied perception of colors, not only by people themselves, but the difference of hues seen on any given screen.

Oops, well guess mine is all wrong, mine is BLACK!