Convertible top, what did I do?

(Jason Miller 1993 XJS 4.0 convertible, 1997 XK8 coupe ) #1

Ok so my 93 xjs’s top worked about half the first times I tried it. It would open a little past halfway, then I had to finish opening manually, but then would close all the way in auto. My fluid was below the min mark and there was air in the lines, so I wasnt too surprised it didn’t work completely. I didn’t mess with it much and finally got a liter of hydraulic top fluid to top it off (yes I know it probably has a leak). Flash forward to today and I finally got around to adding the fluid. I switched the top to manual and raised it and filled the reservoir. I then opened and closed the top in manual a few times and topped it off again. I then closed the top, threw the top lever in auto and set the parking brake. I hit the switch and the motor/pump started running and…nothing! I thought ok, maybe Ill put it in the open position and tried again. The top kinda shudders a little and thats about it. I ended up adding the whole liter, and I still have air in the lines. Any thoughts why after adding the fluid that it would stop working all together?


just an educated guess, but I’d say there"s still some air in the pump circuit, and the pump is unable to catch fluid ?

just found the procedure linked in those posts

and the fluid seems to be specific :