Converting XJ40 from Auto to Manual Transmission

Has anyone here and any dealings with The Driven Man? In particular, have you done a Auto to Manual Transmission Conversion.
I’ve a '90 XJ40. I’m considering just that. Any other names, companies to consider please?
Thank you, AP

I see that you are new to Jag-Lovers. Welcome!
If you have an XJ40 then you are on the wrong list. You need to be on the XJ40 list. Your newer “XJ6” has very little in common with the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XK12s discussed on this list


Yes. I used their kit quite a while ago and had quite a few problems…that I wouldn’t have expected…and that took some effort to remedy.
I sent detailed feedback on all the issues…so …to be fair to them…try and get some recent feedback. This message is to provide you with a cautionary note…if recent feedback is positive then they are good to go…
The 5 speed conversion transformed my V12 XJS…

Thanks but looking again, this is the proper page. Thru 1992 it says. I don’t “see” any other list appropriate. Please if I’m missing something, show me. Thanks. AP

Thank you very much. AP

Archie, welcome.

Paul is correct. The ’ thru 1992’ refers to the XJ12 only, not the XJ6 which changed to the car you have in 1988 (at least, IIRC, in the US it was that year). You should ask here: XJ40 - 1986 to 1994.


And I would add that there are a lot of electrics in the XJ40 that are involved with the Auto, fitting a manual is doable but I believe its going to be fairly involved.

No, this is not the correct list for your XJ40. Go to the Forums Top page of Jag-Lovers website and scroll down to the XJ40 list and see if that car picture looks familiar.
Don’t worry, this happens regularly with mew members. Jaguar didn’t help by using the “XJ6” model name for decades despite some clean slate designs like the XJ40 in 1988 (in the USA) and the X300 (in 1994?).


Awh, I found it. I simply did not go far enough down the proverbial list. Thanks to all. AP