Convex Side Mirror, XKE Series 3


Installed a flat glass right hand drive drivers side mirror on passenger side of left hand drive XKE…

Mirror Glass Plus ( ), Item #3044, replacement convex glass installed over the flat glass.


No passenger side mirror was installed on the left hand drive XKE Series 3 Jaguar.

Drivers side “inclosed” mirror is somewhat unique (see photo #1 & #2).

Searched for years, finally found a right hand drive drivers side mirror on ebay, BUT, as expected, it has plain glass. Since there were no passenger side side mirrors, a convex mirror is quite difficult to find.

A convex “spot” mirror can be affixed to the flat mirror, but is rather kludgey (see photo #3).

So… While convex fender mirrors are an option, since I had mounted the mirror on the right side (matching the mirror mounted on the left side), I really wanted to find a convex mirror glass that is a similar size and shape to the flat glass (see drawing #1).

Not easy, since all the mirror “shops” I have found sort their mirror glass by the vehicles year, make, and model, and… the XKE is not included.


After months (actually years) of searching, I finally found a match. To the rescue comes:

Mirror Glass Plus ( ), Item #3044, that fits a 1978 to 1983 American Motors Concord. Mirror Glass Plus has the dimensions of each replacement glass and a rendition of the shape on their site, so after searching every car make and model manufactured during the past 50 or so years, I could estimate a fairly close match. I ordered it ($24.99); real glass, excellent quality, perfect match.

Note all the various shapes available for that make and model. Item #3044 matches the shape and size of the XKE Series 3. The convex glass “sticks” right over the existing flat glass. Fits perfectly (see drawing #2).

Jaguar and American Motors. Who would have thought!

I also installed a passenger side mirror. I went to a local auto parts store and bought a convex glass. I made a template and brought it to a glacier, he cut it and shaped it to size. It was a close fit but not precise. I will try your suggestion and purchase one. The shape looks almost perfect. Having the mirror on that side makes the car so much easier to drive.
Thanks for the heads up.

Mirror XKE RHS CONVEX c30827/1
Mirror xke lhs CONVEX c28517/1

From SNG.

I had to buy my car a set. I just find the glass area a bit small, view STILL rather limited but better than flat glass.

Since British home cars are right hand drive and have a driver’s side mirror on the right hand side, wouldn’t a mirror to fit a right hand drive car match the installed mirror on American cars? I see they are available from English suppliers.

Last month I bought two convex mirrors from here for driver and pass side on my coupe:

They clip onto the window frame and are very secure there. A high quality product IMO