Coolant capacity

Decided to renew the coolant (first time for me) on my 1998 4.0 s/c V8. Handbook says the “initial fill” capacity is 12 litres. Only 4.6 litres came out (and later went back in) on removing the radiator drain plug. Didn’t find the block drain plugs which may account for some - but 50%+? Is it usual to only drain such a small amount via the radiator? Any guidance to finding the block drain plugs?



Yes 12 litres is way off. I would expect closer to 7 litres though from memory

Thanks. My concern is that only 4.6 litres of 12 draining means a blockage or other fault in the system. 4.6 out of 7 in total is not so bad - I could just about believe 2.4 remaining in the system. I attach (I hope) a copy of the relevant Jaguar “Vehicle Care” booklet page. I couldn’t find a coolant capacity figure in the workshop manual.