Coolant Connector Type?

Just had my 01 X308 serviced. Replaced water pump and thermostat housing. While they were working on it they cracked a 3 way connector in the back of the motor. The small line out of it goes to the throttle body. Luckily it was a short drive and Im made it home as the coolant low light came on. Does anyone here in the brain trust know what that connector is called? Is it the NNE3944BBA? I have picts of the broken part area if that helps.

Second what do you guys think , should the service folks hold some responsibility for it breaking?

hi, i would say if they broke it they should replace it.

I was thinking so as well but they came out with the old plastic breaks line pretty quickly. I’m going to ask for free labor if I buy the part, I get what they’re saying I’ve literally tapped on the crossover pipe and had it crack.

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AC/Heating/Ventilation/Pipes and Hoses/3 Way Connector NNE3944BA

I keep a few in stock as they are very inexpensive and prone to damage.
I replace them whenever I am in the area, especially when I replace the heater feed/return hoses.

The tech said he pulled the intake manifold for access to the back of the thermostat housing. I assume it torqued the connection, the plastic in the hose was decomposed pretty well.
What are your thoughts on who pays for what repairing this? How much labor may be involved in replacing that connection it looks like the throttle body would have to come out get to the connector…
On another note I did replace the trinary switch on my 95 and that cleared up my fan issue.


I have to buck the trend here and say I have some sympathy for the “tech”. Sometimes things do just break - however careful you are, and from the earlier posts here it seems this is a part prone to mishap and in this particular case was not in good condition. Look at it another way… if the “tech” had warned you before he started the job that it might break and you would have to pay for a replacement what would you have done?


Hoping they’ll meet me part way in the labor rate especially if they pulled the manifold off. One they were right there and could have replaced it then and B they probably caused the problem.
We’ll see I’m calling them Monday.