Coolant Fill & Bleed Q's?

Hello, All.
2002 S-type 4.0L V-8; N/A. 68K. Recent purchase so, combing through history of local “gas station” mechanics repairs.
Advice and guidance from experienced hands invited and welcome. Please confirm my understanding - thus far - of the coolant system. Thanks.
Have what seems to be common problem of not much heat&imbalance across driver and passenger sided.
Before I go to the Climate Control Valve and Aux. Water Pump, I am thinking it best to start with checking the coolant fill and level.
Should use orange coloured coolant.
For fill
Engine not running.
Open bleed screw on expansion tank.
Open the other bleed - Where is this other one ? <==???
Fill until coolant starts to overflow from bleed screws.
Tighten both bleed screws. Replace cap.
Run engine. Set heat to max.
Let engine cool and top up at expansion tank.
Anything else I need to check before cursing and R&R the Climate Control Valve ?
Thank you.
All the best.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro

I don’t have an ’S’ but just a couple of observations,set the heat controls to hot straight away, if the coolant is already orange great, if not make sure you clean the system out comprehensively before introducing the orange.

Thank you, Mr. (?) O’ Connor. I compleatley forgot about the need of thorough flush if not orange.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro

Just Robin is fine :slight_smile:

Richard. In my experience with 2 4 litre s-types an imbalance of heating between driver and passenger is pretty much diagnostic of the climate control valve. You should be able to tell if the auxiliary water pump is working by feeling for vibration of the pump body.

Thank you.
Re: Vibration.
Simply turn on the ignition key or must engine be running ?
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, U.S.A.

Try it both ways? Extra letters for the 20

Engine must be running and up to operating temp I believe. Sorry if I am a bit fuzzy on it but it has been over 10 years since my last stype.

And remember to turn the heater on.