Coolant hoses 1996 XJ12

The powers that be want to get the XJ12 on the road again. Need to replace the coolant tank (on order)and I know one hose was shot (the one (that we have) that is all smaller diameter hoses that kinda looks like a squid with some sort of genetic damage?) does anyone know of a place that sells a kit of all the hoses? Can’t find my manuals and the computer I used with them is long dead so I am guessing newer manuals along with a new computer.

So the short of it is that we need a kit of the hoses or a point in the right direction to get the parts numbers. I have seen supposed kits on line with “all” the coolant hoses but along with the price being quite low I might have some concern ordering silicone hoses from China. Suggestions gratefully accepted!

Hose list for ALL X300’s.pdf (457.9 KB)
This is a PDF list I made when I was changing them on my XJR6.
I bought all the hoses from britishparts but the ‘multi joint’ hose joints were of very poor quality and I didn’t fit them, instead buying OEM parts for these. The straight single hoses were fine.
I also recommend fitting new high quality hose clips.

Good luck,