Coolant outlet duct, '99 XK8

This is a follow-up to my “long-term maintenance” post of a month or so ago. I’m in the middle of the job, and am replacing the thermostat housing and both big hoses. The serpentine belt isn’t that old (7 yrs, 17k miles), and shows almost no stretch, so maybe it’s OK.

I’m wondering about another part, called the “coolant outlet duct” in the manual. Hard to find because (I think) it’s on North American cars only. It connects both cylinder banks and the front of the t’stat housing with the top (right side of car) radiator hose. It’s plastic, like the original t’stat housing but maybe sturdier looking. Looks perfectly OK, beyond heat discoloration. Should I worry about it? Replace it?? Any more “should do” stuff?

Bob Frisby
Boise, Idaho

Don’t rely on the factory spring loaded hose clamp up top. I’ve had two of them pop off and overheat.

For the $60 to $70 to replace it I ALWAYS put a NEW one on when I renew the T-mostat housing and bypass hose. It comes complete with a new temp sensor.

The resin breaks down over time and it is not worth damaging the engine for the sake of a part less than $100.

Just my opinion.