Cooling Fan. "Modern S Type"

Hi. I’ve seen the posts for other models but need some help with my 2002.5 4.2 S Type.
Lost my coolant ( and my cool) the other day. steam coming from bonnet and gauge way past half-way mark. When cool it was refilled and held the coolant. No leaks apparent.
I checked the fuse and relay. I swapped out the relay anyway with a new one.
When I warmed the car up from cold (approx 13 C) the fan started after 15 minutes. It appeared to be quite slow…Is the fan speed constant, or does it increase speed with temperature?
later when the engine had cooled I tried again and the fan did not start after 15 min so I let it go for 20 min. Temp gauge was 1/2 way (normal). I turned the engine off and gave the fan a turn by hand. It turned easily. I started the engine again and the fan came on immediately (slow?) Brush motor?
I’ve sourced a 2nd hand fan, complete. for $400.00 AUD but don’t want to go down that path if there’s a fix available. Has anyone had experience with this issue ?
Oh…I should have mentioned. my scanner shows Error Code P0480 “Fan 1 Control Circuit / Cooling Fan Control Circuit Malfunction”

Well… The Error Code was correct! I replaced the fan with a replacement from Genuine & Authentic Classic Parts | Jaguar Land Rover Classic Parts
. however during installation one of the hoses from the dual coolant flow valve sheared off. I replaced both as a matter of caution. I also took the precaution of replacing the hose to the coolant tank as well as the tank, as there was a crack in the overflow pipe. All is now well. No more leaks and the fan works when it should. Happy days!

Hey Dave . Did you replace the fan your self? How hard of a job is this? Mine went out and can’t find a mechanic here that will touch it.

Hi Randy. Yes I did the job myself. Hard? I guess that depends on your experience and patience.
I’m not sure where you’re located but probably a long way from Aus?
I’d be happy to help if that were possible.
Like almost every job its all the good stuff you have to disturb/remove that takes the time and there is a fair amount of time involved. Just a quick note here. I gave the wrong credit to the company that provided my replacement fan motor. It was actually Auto Reserve Ltd in UK
Huge range of Jaguar Spare Parts - Fast delivery UK and Worldwide - Auto Reserve ( Their help and using UPS got my part here super quick.
The job begins with removing the large air deflector and the smaller front part . This will give access to the two wiring connectors and also allow you to drain the coolant. This is necessary as both the dual control valve and auxiliary water pump are attached to the fan shroud. The coolant tank also needs to be removed. There were a number of issues along the way which I’m happy to advise you on, however
I thought I might wait and see if you’re keen to go on… before I set out the rest of the task.
Please let me know and I’ll try to create a more detailed “manual” for the job.

Hi Randy. I only just found your original post and see that you have a V6.
My experience is with the 2003 4.2 V8 but I’m happy to provide a blow by blow of my job. It may well be similar to what you will find.
Kind regards

Not sure if this comes back to you. Please check my post and yours.