Cooling fan seems dead X306 XJR6

Hi Guys,

It’s been ca. 6 years since I been on this forum.

I have gotten my hands on a XJR6 from 1995. Very well maintained but it has done 226.000 km. Ca. 140.000 miles. Fully documented service etc.

It has not been driven for some years and I have taken some long drives in order to wake the car. This makes up for some problems.

My problem is - the two cooling fans does not come on at all - not when very hot or even with the a/c turned on.

I noticed the problem when the car was still with the engine running. The gauge was all up in the hot area and some smoke came from the right side down by the shield of the manifold.

The fuses are ok - could it just be that the fans are worn out?

The oil and coolant are ok as well. No blow gaskets etc.

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Per F.

Wrong list, Per - you need the X300 list…:slight_smile:

I moved it there!

Do the fans spin by hand? Can you power them directly? Could be very low coolant (unlikely) or the fan switch or the relays that turn them on and off. Could also be the ECU if that is involved, or the wiring.

There were two TSB for the 1995 models that dealt with fan failure.–%20Fan%20Fuse%20Failure.pdf

Check that you have the link wire on the single pressure switch.

Also check that the fans are connected. Often, as the fans should be set to run slow ALL the time, people will disconnect them (think bottom of rad) whilst doing work that needs the ignition on otherwise the battery drains very fast.

It could also be the fan control relay. This is under the front bumper, right in line for getting wet and manky.

I believe that you are on the wrong Jag-Lovers list. I recommend that you try the X300 list


Ohhh Hi Frank- sorry for that!

Is this not the X300 place - i got all confused.



Hi Pete,

Thanks alot for the info.

I will try it out.

I do think it has something to do with the wiring / relay or maybe the fan/s are dead.

Is it an easy fair to get spares for the XJR?



Your welcome.

Parts availability is very good, with only one of two parts hard to come by.

You will find the manuals and other tech info here