Cooling system flush again

Well I finally received my mighty fine new lower radiator hose delivered by Fedex(no affiliation).
It left Fresno California went to Memphis Tennessee and finally to my house. Shows up in a box I could put a small Honda sedan in. Talk about reducing my carbon footprint.
Even though the cooling system has no issues I thought I would do a cleaning flush.
Anyway I thought I would tackle this pita job today.
I’m probably going to syphon a lot of coolant from the air bleed banjo bolt. And eventually replace it all even though its all new from the beginning of summer.
Just going from a few archives posts and the Book, is the best approach to T tap by the heater core and run a garden hose to flush. Also does anyone use a coolant flush anti scale product run the car for fifteen minute flush and replace with deionized water drain and then add new coolant. Not sure if there will be any measurable difference or am I overthinking this. Just replace the coolant and carry on. I don’t run any tefba filters on the system but have not experienced any issues once I recored my radiator a few years back. I probably replace my coolant more than the average bear.

Check out the active thread about “…overheat” in the eType forum. Some info in there re: anti scale.

Thanks Bob, I’ll check it out.