Coopercraft calipers!

Can anyone shed light on the car the calipers would fit ?

Just on the off chance someone may know

Before I drop Coopercraft a e-mail !

Ok just had another look , would I be right in saying the standard MK2 calipers are 75mm c/c mounting , and the 3 pots are 90mm c/c
Just had a look and compared them to a Volvo caliper and they are 75mm c/c
So it looks like they may fit my MK2 .

The upright I have I do not know what it come off !!


Yes I know , MK2 Jaguar and E-type :thinking:

I found a old MK2 caliper , as you can see by the pic , all the holes line up

MK2 , Volvo , Cooper Craft !

What puzzled me was the uprights , I got a subframe off my dad , years back , he said it was off one of his 250 V8’s , it is not a power steering subframe , maybe it come off a 420 in the first place , that would have had 3 pot calipers .
they must be 3 1/2 inches c/c , the others are 3 inches !

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