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TO: Martin Grossman,
DATE: 09/03/98 20:30

RE: Copy of: Re: HSMO

Hi Martin and other HSMO addiscts.

I recently went to our local Jaguar Dealer, Gatwick Jaguar in Crawley, (a
long way from Gatwick Airport) to get some Steering fluid. Very
prententious place, showroom full of XK8’s with SOLD stickers, and besuited
salesmen who looked constipated, and a D type replica out on the grass out
front. Wasn’t impressed.

Anyway, a very nice chap charged me 2.75UKP for 500cc of this stuff, but
not before he sent out a mechanich to check on what I had. There are two
types, Red and Green, (or if you are colour blind, grey or grey). It was
explained that these don’t mix, and are particular to a particular
pump/rack build. Leaks will happen if you get it wrong.

This is a particular problem if, like me, you bought the car with a brand
new rack… did they fill it with the right stuff? (it’s RED) (It’s
leaking, so they probably didn’t) (and I’ve just put more of it in!)

Hope that adds to the worldwide fund of knowlege of things Jaguar, a bit.

Chris Dupres
Surrey, UK.
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