Correct air filters...which?


Can you help clarify : what are the differences between air filters EBC 1084 & EAC1828 I have been informed “fits” my 1989 XJS convertible, build date is 12/88, VIN last seven digits is: C157263

If your car has ABS brakes, you use EBC1084. The difference is the older style has an air filter more centered on the throttle body, while the ABS cars have the air filter offset to one end. There is a steel plate in the filter that goes over the throttle body.

I do not believe I have ABS…I cannot see any familiar plumbing. That said, the EAC 1828 has a back metal section with two openings, one smaller that the other. The smaller section is about a little larger that a deck of cards. This seems to fit square over the TB when I install it. Would this then be the correct filter?

Assume you have v12? I use the 1828 filters.
I don’t know if the 6 cylinder uses the same filter as the v12…would make sense that it does.

Hi Jim.
This probably is correct for your very late 95. Keep in mind that your v12 with VIN past 198335 has the Teves IV.
The early ABS cars, mine included must use EBC1084:

As John6 correctly stated, the dimensions of the elements are the same, but there is a metal backing plate (to reinforce the material and prevent the paper from being sucked into the throttle body I suppose - or, at full throttle, to avoid a scenario where the plate touches and “binds” to the paper :-))).


This is why - the Teves III ABS block is massive and the air cleaner box is pushed out:

The pre-ABS models have the airbag positioned differently, here:

Therefore the filter elements have the metal backing moved closer to the center:


And for posterity, here is the 6.0L V12 set-up with the Teves IV. Looks like the position of the housing is similar to the Teves III.

In this case, then, 1084 for you as well Jim :-))

OK…this helps then…I was not sure why the intake plenum would need to be blocked. I was also asking around locally and was suggested I could still use EAC 1828 if I covered that opening with mesh (if it’s true the pleats could get sucked in) and keep that filter for my '89. Also, wouldn’t that allow more air in with it unblocked?

Having knowledge of two different versions of the filter (1988 XJ12 vs 1992 XJR-S) it seems that the different blanking point is just a way of ensuring that the maximum filter area is traversed depending on the location of the plenum input vs the filter casing.

The bigger issue with air input is where it comes from. One of the later V12 set ups, getting cool, fresh air from on the top of the radiator, is preferable to sucking in already hot air from the engine bay.

Didn’t the very last XJ-S’s go with a completely different filter system with a cold air intake tract? And the 6-cyl used one and the V12 used two, both using the same filter?

Some say a picture is worth it a thousand words. Apparently, they not on JL forums… :-))

The cold air-intake tracks on the factory 6.0L are clearly visible in my previous posts. Here, again:

Not the XJS, the XJ12 with the Nippon-Denso have COMPLETELY different air filters, here:

Yeah, that’s the one I was thinking about! Never made it to the XJ-S, I guess.

6.0L factory XJS has cold air intakes too, different kind. Picture showing them is in post #7

Different than what? Those look to me like the same old air filter boxes, just with cold air snorkels on them.

The XJ12 square boxes.

The 6.0L airboxes are slightly different from the 5.3L, but take the same filters (although, the owners manual says the p/n should be EBC10714 IIRC)

I once had a 4.0ltr 6 cylinder facelift XJS & the air filter was round & fitted in a canister near the front of the left hand inner wing. The filter could not have been more different than the filters for any of the 3 V12 XJS that I have owned.



Guys…I have been apparently corrected. I have been informed that because I have a nitrogen ball (located in upper passenger side engine bay) that I must have an ABS system on this '89.
SO…to be certain then, I will need the EBC 1084 type, yes?

And the 6.0 XJR-S had a different cold air system, all of its own. Same filter boxes though.

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To be certain? Call me old fashioned but I’d say the best way to solve this conundrum would be to take the old one out and see what part number it has on it. Even if not a Jaguar filter, it would have a Fram/Mann/ACDelco/whatever part number that you could cross reference.